We’re feasting our eyes on a Chardin today, but before we get to his pile of plump peaches, let me introduce my sister Meike, an accomplished and charismatic cook, who’s taking us through a truly tantalizing recipe here…

Check out this week’s double feature video blog. Special thanks to Meike.

5 thoughts on “Peachy

  1. what a fantastic video! it is so funny and lovely to see two sisters having a great time together. the pie looks delicious, definitely something i will try to tempt the wife with…the painting by chardin is one of my all-time favourites. this entry is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. fez
    PS: who IS that guy at the end?? if not from “around here”, where IS he from? he seems charming!

  2. What a wow-wow-wow video. Aleid, you and Meike clearly have such fun making the video that I will be looking out for the next appearance of this duo.
    But who IS this slightly strange guy walking through the screen ?
    ‘Not from around here’ I am sure

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