Head for Art is all about art and the idea that art is for everyone. Art is often shrouded in elitism and crowded by a few people “in the know” and that isn’t right. Art is something that we can all be around and respond to: there’s no secret to it. I’m all about busting through the “art fear” factor and putting ease, instinct and enjoyment back into the experience. I’m on a mission to get more people excited about art. Which is where Learning to Look comes in.

The Learning to Look blog is about building a visual toolkit that you can keep for life and crack open any time, in front of art or anything really. It could come in handy in front of a Bernini sculpture but it could also be useful in front of a billboard or a brick wall. Learning to Look is simply about really seeing what we’re looking at.

At the moment we’re Learning to Look at the materials, techniques and processes artists use. Getting to grips with the physical object is an excellent place to start an art encounter. In the blog pipeline are realism, aesthetics, patronage, meaning and more. It’s going to be a rad road trip to all sorts of places, so join us! No previous experience or interest required.