Do Painters Prefer Blondes?

The question “Do blondes have more fun?” has taxed some big brains over the years. Recently, top academics gathered at the Sorbonne in Paris to mull it over. A few years ago, Joanna Pitman’s book, On Blondes came out, with its detailed study of the significance of blonde hair through history. Even Charles Darwin turned his formidable grey matter to this matter, analyzing if hair color plays a part in choosing sexual partners.

Today, in my first ever video blog, I’m pondering this question with the help of Neroccio de’ Landi’s Portrait of a Lady (c. 1485) at the National Gallery of Art and at my local hair salon (special thanks to Violet Hair and Skin Care in Georgetown).


One thought on “Do Painters Prefer Blondes?

  1. Aleid, This is awesome! The video format is so approachable. And you look lovely! You’ve got it right, attitude is what makes women attractive and fun…but blondes are super eye-catching! Brad thinks the rise of brunettes is upon us.

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