Type Right

Have you ever clicked “send” and thought, seconds later, hang on, what did I just do? Most email users could probably own up to a couple small online slip-ups. Like, sending a message to the “wrong John”, replying to the entire department instead of just one co-worker, attaching the wrong document or forwarding something with just a little too much information. The thing is, in the big scheme of things, these minor blunders will mostly blow over quite quickly and quietly.

Check out my second video blog. And special thanks to Baked & Wired coffeeshop in Georgetown.

One thought on “Type Right

  1. Hi Aleid, congratulations it is such a wonderful blog! Every day it is a surprise what it will be, informative and entertaining. It is something to look forward to, especially in Caracas!You are so talented! Love to hear and see what’s coming next!

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