Sun Worshipper

Have you ever thought about how light can affect a building? Perhaps when you last saw a sun-beam beat through your bedroom window or the rising moon made your roof-gutters glitter? That power of light to totally transform a building is what I’m looking at today.

Come see my third video blog, which will get you in the mood for spring… And special thanks to the Washington National Cathedral.

3 thoughts on “Sun Worshipper

  1. Hi Aleid!

    Every morning you bring some sunshine into our day! Congratulations with your perfect initiative! Your enthusiasm makes us want to travel to Washington to see the paintings in real with you as our guide!
    From Holland with love!
    Chris en Deeke

  2. Funnily enough I have just written in my blog about how light can affect a building – Sigmar Polke’s new stained glass windows in the Grossmunster cathedral in Zurich. He has embedded thin slices of agate stone in the windows and the light streams through the ancient stones – an incredible visual affect.

    I love your blog. One of the best I have seen, and what a great idea.

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