Cross to Bear

In the Christian tradition, Good Friday is the day of the crucifixion and burial of Christ. It falls on the Friday immediately preceding Easter Sunday, which of course celebrates the Resurrection. Ideally Good Friday is the day to make and or eat Hot Cross Buns. These delicious, spiced buns, marked with a cross and eaten warm with butter were already being made in England in pre-Christian times.

Check out this week’s video blog. Special thanks to Firehook Bakery in Cleveland Park.

2 thoughts on “Cross to Bear

  1. What an INCREDIBLE video. Had us chuckling and smiling from beginning to end. The two girls were adorable and the pigeon and the sparrow at the end were genius touch. Love the dancing!

    We are so pleased they make hot hot-cross buns in the states! we want to try that icing…

    Brings to light the reason we celebrate Easter – and how important it is to continue with tradition.

    Well well done and a beautiful bronze on top of this all.

    Well done ajm and mts!


  2. Hello! I found your blog a couple days ago and found this entry totally charming (Firehook is always delicious). Wish I had thought to made hot crossed buns this morning! I just loved the way you discuss art here. Very accessible, but also so knowledgeable.

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