¿Te Gusta?

When was the last time you tucked into a tortilla de patatas, or piled some paella on your plate? Whether you’ve chomped on a chorizo or some hot, chocolate-dipped churros, the chances are that, even if you’ve never been to Spain, you’ll have sampled a Spanish speciality or two.

Check out this week’s video blog. And special thanks to Taberna del Alabardero and their new executive head chef Javier Romero. And, if you’re brave enough to make the dish that Javier prepared, download the recipe here.

One thought on “¿Te Gusta?

  1. Please!! Javier, I don’t know what do you mean when you said that “sun” is the “one ingredient more for my country is the best….”
    Can You, please explain me the last ingredient? I’m very interested about the recipe, because I want to do it for myself.

    Thanks to all!!!

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