Take a Seat

The Art+Media House is all about giving young people the training they need to create and express themselves. It introduces them to the basic skills of a specific artistic medium that interests, like drawing, painting, photography or graffiti. The project is also keen to get kids to focus on the subject they know best – themselves – so they can draw inspiration from their own lives, communities, and cultures.

Check out this week’s video blog. And special thanks to the Art + Media House in Columbia Heights and all of their talented artists.

One thought on “Take a Seat

  1. The Art + Media project comes across as relevant and inspiring – we loved the carrot inspired chair and the blue-yellow merging into green! we were also impressed with how well the young media artists articulated their thoughts and inspirations. the art sculpture you tell us about is amazing: art inspiring the everyday and vice versa. well done on another brilliant video. We always enjoy the music that relates to the theme, too! Fridays rock.

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