Off the Wall

The British anthropologist and Oxford professor Robin Dunbar has a theory that the number of people with whom we can keep up stable, inter-personal relationships is limited by the size of our brains. Dunbar’s magic friend number is set at 150. Now. Call me crazy (or friendless) but that sounds like a lot to me and to keep 150 friends in close  calls for a serious case of the social butterflies. But of course since networking sites shoehorned themselves into our social lives, friend circles are spinning out of control. Facebook is the worst offender: they co-opted the word friend, created a new verb and make us feel frankly inadequate if our friend list sits in the double digits.

Check out this week’s video. And thank you to everyone who came to last night’s Hump Party.

2 thoughts on “Off the Wall

  1. I never knew the artist responsible for those famous posters!!! Again, I am learning from you. And love the music and so timely that you would play Michael Jackson on the one year anniversary of his death. Great artists: Jackson and Rotello!!!!

  2. oops….Rotella not Rotello – another typo!!!! Either way, great artist.

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