Public Love

Teniers the Younger, Tavern Scene. Courtesy of the National Gallery of Art.

What’s the one thing more British than a bright red phone box? Or a bright red post box? Or a fistful of fish and chips wrapped in yesterday’s greased-stained newspaper? Even more English than sipping tea and nibbling scones with jam and clotted cream on a lawn trimmed to within an inch of its life?

Check out this week’s video blog. And special thanks to all things British, pubs, the Queen, Prince William, Prince Harry, Wimbledon, grey skies, long queues, scones, cups o’ tea, H&M, Paul Smith, bangers & mash, Cambridge, David Beckham, the Wombles, Brown sauce…

2 thoughts on “Public Love

  1. I love the moody pub scene – the poses of the figures have such expressions that you can immediately sense what they are talking about.

    But I also love the outtakes!

  2. It makes me merry to think that pubs have, through the years, been privy to the most seamy and salacious of human behaviours!

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