3 thoughts on “Shop, Don’t Drop

  1. We, who came in for a singular dose of art today, are thoroughly satisfied! Not only a dose of Spanish art, but a dose of Dutch dancing as well.

    Who is that charming man???!!

    Thanks again Aleid for making art so accessible and enjoyable.


    ps My local tesco doesn’t have Goya…what would you recommend in its place?

  2. Hi M. Thanks for your comment… and sorry there’s no Goya at your local supermarket. Perhaps a bit of Danish art will do instead (pastries are pretty, patterned and pleasing to the eye) or some Greek culture (who doesn’t like a tub of yoghurt). The key is to go in an grab just what you want and need – not too much – for that satisfying and short pop to the shop.

  3. Great post Aleid and I heartily agree with the idea of focusing on one or two pieces in a visit instead of art overload. It reminds me of my favorite museum visit when I spent almost an hour studying Rembrandt’s “The Mill” in the National Gallery. The longer I looked, the more I discovered and it became one of my favorite works there.

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