State of the Art

The city of Washington DC is choc-full of memorials. Clustered mostly around the Mall, they commemorate important historical events and men who loom large in this country’s consciousness. So thank goodness President Franklin D Roosevelt ruled one Thomas Jefferson as just as important as Abraham Lincoln and got the ball rolling on his memorial.

Join me on this week’s video blog at one of my favorite places in Washington, the Jefferson Memorial.

2 thoughts on “State of the Art

  1. What a fun blog – I chuckled when i heard you say “there he is!”. Also, love your bag…is that perchance new?? Also, what a chic and elegant hair-style.

    And the art isn’t bad either hehe

  2. Aleid,

    The line, “I still cannot grasp what flick of the wrist or daub of paint makes a character come alive on canvas” is so beautiful and seems to inform your entire journey though art history- perhaps it’s what you’re after.

    Thanks for blogging!

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