Fave Fortnight Part II

And now for the second half of my (much contested) favorite fortnight… Jan 3 sticks out for me, when I went right in with one of the NGA’s most prized paintings, Leonardo da Vinci’s Ginevra de’ Benci. And on January 21 we mourned the loss of a lion at the National Zoo with this life-size beast-ridden bombastic show-stopper from Peter paul Rubens.

On April 7th we lightened the mood with these lissom lovelies from Murillo (who also headed up the Hump party invite…)

August 20 was when we brushed aside the cobwebs of old art and went with Henri Matisse through his Open Window at Collioure into a fresh Fauve take on the world and its imaging.

El Greco’s Jerome crashed in on September 30th, beating his chest without rest on his feast day.

And I for one was beguiled by this garish and lurid snap-shot into an unsettling human drama, delivered by Kirchner on October 19.

Last but not least, who doesn’t love this Lichtenstein, so summery and saturated, sparking the start of the Pop Art movement (November 18).

One thought on “Fave Fortnight Part II

  1. Your Fave Fortnight has reminded me of so many delights of the past year. I can’t believe it’s now over. Thank you so much for brightening my every day and inspiring me to visit and revisit our national galleries here in England. I shall miss you but wish you the very best of luck with whatever you decide to do next and to thank you again for re-awakening my love of art. Happy New Year to you both.

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