Closing the Circle

I can’t quite believe I’m standing here still speaking to you all at the end of a year of Art 2010! I set out as a newbie in this city of Washington DC, clinging barnacle-like to the bows of the NGA, in hopes that by taking small steps in these soaring halls I’d find my feet in a new place and in a new life.

Check out this week’s video blog. and the final one for Art 2010!

5 thoughts on “Closing the Circle

  1. I completely enjoyed the journey with you!!!! Thank you for reminding us of our absolute love of art and our greatly missed, most incredible personal art collection. And as for suggestions in the new year, we want to see MORE of you!!!!! Happy New Year!!

  2. Congratulations Aleid! I’ve come to depend on your daily shot of art and insight so I look forward to your new direction, whatever that may be. I hope this experience has helped you feel more at home here in DC. If the Hump Party was any indication, you’ve gained a lot of friends and fans!

    Now, go catch up on all the reality TV you’ve DVR’d (the most un-art historical pursuit I can think of) and enjoy a well-earned rest!

  3. Your daily treats became one of the pleasures of my day during 2010. It’s inspiring to see someone make art a real part of their life and be willing to share part of that with others. I’ve found that I really miss them this past week now that they’re no longer there! Best of luck with whatever next project you embark on – and do let us know what it is, it we can follow along for the ride.

  4. Aleid, congratulations on finishing up Art 2010 blog! This is an amazing achievement – I admire your perseverance.
    I keep expecting new links to your blog pop up on Facebook – and there is nothing :-(. I already miss your blog! I am looking forward to your next project ( of course only after your are fully rested :-))!

  5. What a wonderful end to such a fantastic year! How fun to see you and hear you speak. You have such a wonderful way with words and I have appreciated your perspective throughout your journey last year. Hope to see you again this year!

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