Spit it Out

100, 500 – that’s the number of words an average person consumes every day. That’s a lot of letters to be getting on with, an amount that has tripled from 1980 to 2008. So let’s slow ourselves right down and sit with a word – just one word – from the artist Ed Ruscha today.

Join me on this week’s video blog. With special thanks to the letter L and the letter I and the letter S and the letter P.

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State of the Art

The city of Washington DC is choc-full of memorials. Clustered mostly around the Mall, they commemorate important historical events and men who loom large in this country’s consciousness. So thank goodness President Franklin D Roosevelt ruled one Thomas Jefferson as just as important as Abraham Lincoln and got the ball rolling on his memorial.

Join me on this week’s video blog at one of my favorite places in Washington, the Jefferson Memorial.

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On Tour

Art 2010 followers! A super special video today, to present an exciting new initiative! Head for Art tours are, as of this moment, up and running! Watch this week’s promotional video (shot in DC and Rome, no less) to find out more about what we can offer by way of beautiful, bespoke cultural travel experiences. And be sure to click on the new “On Tour” tab on our main menu in the next few days. Bon Voyage!

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Hands On

“Everyone knows Italians don’t speak with their mouths: they talk with their hands!” Join me as I explore the meanings of hand gestures and find some expressive manual communication at the National Gallery…

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We’re feasting our eyes on a Chardin today, but before we get to his pile of plump peaches, let me introduce my sister Meike, an accomplished and charismatic cook, who’s taking us through a truly tantalizing recipe here…

Check out this week’s double feature video blog. Special thanks to Meike.

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